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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2014-08-27 )

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English Topics is designed to help students assess their English level. It can be used independently as a textbook who want to assess their English. Learners can use this textbook on their own, but it can also be used by a teacher working with groups of student in a classroom. This book is recommended for learners at elementary level. The book matches with program requirements. The purpose of this book is to help English learners to improve their speaking skills on various topics. The texts are based on themes, which have been studied at Beginner level. The book has 14 lexical themes, and each of them includes several texts. After the texts were given tests on them to check the comprehension and grammar in oral and written English. It combines coherent discussion, rule presentation and rich exemplification. The book based on the following methodological principles: the exercises are given in ascending order of language difficulties, and the gradual transition from exercise to exercise reproductive type of productive type; oral exercises alternated with writing. Authors hope the book will useful for all English learners.

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Almas Oskenbayev
Kamalkhan Gabdullina
Moldir Oskenbay

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