Vietnam's poverty during the last 7 decades

Vietnam's poverty during the last 7 decades

Lessons to be learnt

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-11-26 )

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Poverty is a global problem which has been taking place across continents with different levels, and has become a major challenge for the development of each region, nation, ethnicity as well as locality. Vietnam – an agricultural-aimed country – with 70% of the population living in rural areas, whose intellectual standards and farming cultivation techniques are still limited, led to the low labor productivity, and low income. Poverty, as a consequence, has still taken place in numerous areas. The problem of poverty, hence, has been the Vietnamese Government’s best concerns. To make the poor to break out from poverty is the foremost socio – political objective and mission of the Government. Though it cannot be denied the success of such achievements, poverty reduction programs still remain limited. The Government has, however, still been facing with a number of difficulties and challenges needed to be overcome in order to implement the Millennium Goal of the United Nations, which Vietnam has already committed. These problems raise questions to the Government about how to apply the lessons learnt from the past as well as other nations more effectively in the next period?

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