Augmented Reality Commercialization Opportunities & Business Models

Augmented Reality Commercialization Opportunities & Business Models

An Opportunity Recognition and Technology Strategy Process

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2013-05-02 )

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This book focuses on the future and overall evolution and potential of Augmented Reality technologies and solutions considering emerging commercialization opportunities, business models and concerned industries. Augmented realities as an emerging technology offer new opportunities due to several shifting external conditions or changing forms of social interaction. In order to investigate possible impacts, trends and relationships the employed method is based on an environmental scanning and on several semi-structured interviews, conducted with several technology experts, researchers and futurologists. The process aims to obtain valuable information on competitors, markets, customers and suppliers as well as on macroeconomic factors, such as social, economic, technological and political factors.The main research findings afforded that AR can be seen as a new communication medium or tool in an early stage level due to several major technical and social challenges and that it goes along with the evolving information technology. These days one of the most promising devices for AR applications is the mobile phone, which could open the floodgates for the mass implementation of AR.

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Andreas Banholzer
Andreas Banholzer

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