Efficacy of Liquid formulation of Azospirillum on Rice

Efficacy of Liquid formulation of Azospirillum on Rice

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-12-30 )

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Different carriers viz., lignite, pressmud, burnt rice husk, vermiculite and fly ash were tested in this present study. Incorporation of different amendments such as saw dust, paddy straw powder, wood charcoal, farmyard manure and poultry manure at 1% and 2% levels was evaluated. Among the different amendments, the saw dust at 2% supported the highest population of Azospirillum followed by paddy straw powder 2%. The survival of Azospirillum in new formulation like alginate beads was studied. The survival of Azospirillum lipoferum in liquid formulation with different chemical amendments like Trehalose, Polyvinyl pyrollidone (PVP) and glycerol was evaluated. Among them, Trehalose 15mM supported the highest population followed by glycerol 15mM and PVP 2% compared to control. The maximum surviving population of Azospirillum was noticed in liquid formulation followed by alginate beads and lignite respectively. The effect of inoculation of Azospirillum in different formulation such as carrier based, Alginate beads and liquid formulation on the growth of paddy was studied. Among the different formulation tested liquid formulation of Azospirillum enhanced the growth parameters of paddy.

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Sivasakthivelan P.
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