Numerical Approximation of Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) Problem

Numerical Approximation of Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) Problem

Simplified Model for the Vertical Vibrations of the Aircraft Wing

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-11-19 )

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Now-a-days advanced composite materials are being applied to many aircraft structures in order to improve performance and save weight. But Aircraft wings can break due to FSI effect. Because of thrust force, turbulent flow, FSI plays an important role and complex mechanical effects are aroused. But only numerical approaches can be used to solve such problems due to nonlinear properties of fluid, material and shape of the structures. The principal aim of this research is to explore and understand the behaviour of the FSI during the impact of a deformable material (of aircraft wings) on air. This project is focused on the analysis of Navier-Stokes and Elastodynamics equations in the ALE frameworks in order to simulate numerically the FSI effect on a double wedge airfoil. Also one of the main aims of this research is to study the Euler-Bernoulli Beam, the static and dynamic response of a cantilever beam, for a simplified model to determine the vertical vibration of the aircraft wings. In this case we use Approximate method in order to determine the vertical vibration and finally we choose a suitable space-dependent function that satisfy the requirements at the boundaries.

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Bhuiyan Shameem Mahmood Ebna Hai

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Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology