Human Rights in Policy Decisions and Business Strategies

Human Rights in Policy Decisions and Business Strategies

The Cooperative Role of the UN, Governments and Firms within a Developing Scenario. EU and Italian Best Practices

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2013-03-12 )

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This book describes a new and innovative approach with which government leaders and business managers try to address today’s challenging issues of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. It is in large measure the product of three-year research in which the author has observed and investigated the global context, in which economic, political, legal and social factors influence each other even more than in the past. During this time the author has had relevant experience with government bodies and multinational firms, on economic and social issues, with the aim of understanding their functioning and looking for the correct balance between Economic and Political Affairs, and respect for Human Rights. It is clear that governments and companies, in pursuing their own particular objectives, have to operate within a synergistic, interdependent framework with the other players on the global scenario. By integrating Human Rights in their own specific strategies, governments and companies could contribute to ensuring that the development of the global system would tend towards a socio-economic balance.

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Oriana Perrone

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Development theory and development policy