Crop Residue Management in Rice-Wheat Cropping System

Crop Residue Management in Rice-Wheat Cropping System

With Nitrogen and Potassium Application on Crop Performance and Nutrient Balance

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-11-19 )

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This book “Crop Residue Management in Rice-Wheat Cropping System” has written for plant nutrient management in rice - wheat cropping system with nitrogen and potassium fertilizers. The rice-wheat cropping system is one of most widely practiced cropping system in India as well as across the world. The nutrient management in this system is a big task; both crops are heavy nutrient feeder. It requires nutrient cycling from organic residues to maintain nutrient balance in soil. Addition of organic matter to the soil through the return of crop residues also improves soil structure, influences soil water, air and temperature relation, helps to control runoff and erosion and makes tillage easier. Therefore, use of renewable organic sources would be essential for sustainability of the rice-wheat system. This book provides the information about NPK nutrient balance and crop performance under crop residue management practices.

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M. L. Dotaniya

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition