Cultural Heritage and Longing of a Small Town

Cultural Heritage and Longing of a Small Town

A story of a temple city

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2014-03-17 )

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The rituals and the social activities are formed by the values and ancestors outcrop. Open space, streets, lanes, facades, water-body and courtyard are common elements in the small town; moreover the small town some time becomes architectural legacy for having those rapports. ‘Longing of’ a small town is to encompass human being in the relationship with space, street, facade, image of the location and lastly the modesty of the small town, is here to encourage the novelty of life next to the spatial quality used by the inhabitant. The writing will try to address the life of the small town people and their spatial environ which runs sequentially with the traditional patterns. The writing will focus on the ‘Tangible & Intangible Cultural Heritage’ and their impact on the human being. Discussion will also focus on the mental growth along with the spatial environs of a particular person who born and brought out at the premise and longing of his life in the particular town with valued cultural heritage.

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Sajid-Bin Doza

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