Semi Arid Pastoral Nomadic Life

Semi Arid Pastoral Nomadic Life

Semi arid pastoral challenges and impacts in Garba Tulla District

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-11-19 )

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Drylands which comprise both Arid and Semi-Arid lands (ASALS) covers about 41% of the earth’s terrestrial surface, they are home to a third of humanity and they have the highest levels of poverty. Drylands occur in every continent but they are more extensive in Africa and their characteristics differ from region to region. In Africa, north of the equator, arid and semi-arid zones are bordered by Senegal, Upper Volta and Chad in the south; and Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Egypt in the North. This research analyzed livelihood dynamics in Garbatulla under the context of spontaneous water point development and pastoral resource management.According to this study, most of the study area had few boreholes estimated to be between 1-5 in total, this situation was similar to wells, rivers and the number of water taps. Distribution points for the water should be monitored to ensure that targeting criteria are respected and that timely corrective action is taken when necessary.

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C. Ogali
M. Gichuho Chege
S.Mburu Njoroge

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General Natural Sciences