Adoption of Mobile Telecommunication and its User Satisfaction

Adoption of Mobile Telecommunication and its User Satisfaction

Empirical Analysis from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-09-13 )

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This work analyzes the Kurdistan Region's potentials in the effective usage of mobile telecommunication service. The study identifies the determinant adoption factors of mobile telecommunicaiton service and to investigate its customers' satisfaction. The empirical part of this study is a survey based which uses mixed of qualitative and quantitative analysis approaches. The data is obtained from a questionnaire consisting of 27 key questions, covering service provision and customer satisfaction. A sample of 1,458 respondents is stratified by location, randomly selected by customer characteristics, and within the target population of nearly 5 millions in the region. The logistic regression is applied to analyze the survey data. The findings indicate that the mobile telephony subscribers are generally satisfied with the purchased service. Furthermore, customers mainly prefer Nokia among the brands supplied in the Region’s market. A major limitation of this study is the relatively small sample, and the target population was constrained only to the service subscribers. Cooperation is recommended for future projects between academic researchers and mobile telecommunication

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Nabaz Khayyat

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