Human Trafficking: A Challenge in Ethiopia

Human Trafficking: A Challenge in Ethiopia

The Unspeakable Story

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-08-14 )

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Human trafficking is not a recent phenomenon. It exists with the existence of society. It has different forms for the trafficked ones to be attracted. The reason might be poverty, famine, unemployment, pollution dynamics, conflict, discrimination, maladministration, expecting better life abroad, etc generally we can classify it as political, social, or economic factors. Currently this is a global problem. In Ethiopia migration and human trafficking are the manifestations of the military regime and the current government. However, the FDRE government tried to guarantee by the 1995 constitution. But, this does not minimize the migration and trafficking of citizens. They are trafficked using different channels, legally and illegally. As a result of this they faced different forms of abuse such as beating, acquisition of steeling, overwork, sexual abuse, refusal to get wage, etc. consequently, they can not consider as a human being and their basic human right is threatened and endangered. Many of the receiving countries are not concerned about the human right violations performed by their citizens. Moreover, the government of Ethiopia has not also taken any action against traffickers.

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Asfaw Y. Atey

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