Semantic Service Discovery Techniques for the Composable Web

Semantic Service Discovery Techniques for the Composable Web

From unstructured resources to semantic information

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-07-11 )

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This book contributes to the problem of resource and service discovery in the context of the composable web. In the current web, mashup technologies allow developers reusing services and contents to build new web applications. However, developers face a problem of information flood when searching for appropriate services or resources for their combination. To contribute to overcoming this problem, a framework is defined for the discovery of services and resources. Other contributions involve a scraping ontology for the construction of mappings for scraping web resources. A novel first-order logic rule induction algorithm is defined for the automated construction and maintenance of these mappings out of the visual information in web resources. Also, a feature-oriented approach to service description is proposed for lightweight description of services. Additionally, a service probing algorithm uses this approach to service description to allow a novel service discovery technique. Finally, a component model for discovering services from service repositories has been defined.

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José Ignacio Fernández Villamor
Carlos Ángel Iglesias Fernández
Mercedes Garijo Ayestarán

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