PLC Controlled Automatic Robotic Arc Welding System

PLC Controlled Automatic Robotic Arc Welding System

Automatic Arc Welding Technology

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-06-05 )

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Robot have become common place in industrial environment mainly in the automobile industries, allowing task from the most repetitive to the most complex and hazardous to be automated. The purpose of this work is to study the behavior of the automated arc welding system using 6-axis vertically articulated arc welding robotic arm and Programmable Logic Controller. The actuators, controllers and driver hardware systems have been introduced. The system has been designed keeping in mind the size of the jigs/fixtures, robotic arm and accordingly the selection of the controller and servo motor to control the system in auto/manual mode. This work presents an automatic arc welding system used for the welding of steel pipes with the help of a six axes vertically articulated robot and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Electrical control panel has been used to control the arc welding robot and jigs/fixtures. The design of jigs/fixtures has been carried out and selection of servo motors/drives, arc welding robot, PLC has been made. In this work, a system has been presented and demonstrated to assist and simplify industrial welding procedures.Today it is called Green Welding Technology

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Anees Ahmed

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Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology