Peace Club

Peace Club

A Handbook of Practicum

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-05-16 )

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Peace is an artificial concept that we all strive for. Let’s convert it into action! Peace has always been among humanity’s highest values, but at this time of our life, humanity is at a crossroads when vast numbers of students in the world are suffering from acute conflicts, discrimination and violence. We need to create our collective tomorrows of peace. To be practical, ‘Alone, we can accomplish little. Together, we can make the world a better place for mankind.The Peace Club is going to be established with the help of principals of various schools for the students, teacher’s like-minded peace supporters from all walks of life to pursue their interests in and share their views on peace. Furthermore, it provides a platform for peace builders to inspire one another to put words into action and really make a difference in ‘bringing hope and changing lives’ of the disadvantaged. Cultures can and do change over time. This gives us the encouragement to believe that there is a way forward to create a more peaceful society around the world.

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Lokanath Mishra

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