Concept of Time and Unsolved Problems of Physics

Concept of Time and Unsolved Problems of Physics

Concept of Time and Unsolved Problems of Physics

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-05-16 )

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An alternative gravity theory presented here is based on the concept that the time is a periodic phenomenon. Accuracy of the Newtonian energy equation for planets is improved, which gives geodesic like trajectory without utilizing Riemannian geometry and the weak field approximation. As a result every two body system can deviate differently from the flat Minkowski metric. It is proposed that the proper time of a body is related to the gravitational frequency shift of the constituent massive particles of the body. These concepts are utilized to solve the Pioneer anomaly, rotation curves of galaxies, and orbital period derivative of the binary stars. In another development it is shown that the entire universe arises from the unmanifest energy and the connection between consciousness and energy is established. Philosophical and scientific ideas of creation are compared. In the area of wave mechanics, the old problem of introducing spin in the Schrodinger formalism is addressed. The theory is further extended to quarkonium spectra.

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Vikram Zaveri

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Physics, astronomy