Open Source e-Platform Development

Open Source e-Platform Development

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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2017-03-14 )

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The geographic information in agriculture is an important factor in a wide range of decision making problems, not only because management practices differ from one location to another but also because the space defines the perception of farmers and ultimately determine the meaning of a parcel and of a river basin. The ability of farmers and groups of farmers, to manage the rural space is a prerequisite for a reliable design and implementation. However the involvement of users in decision-making problems is limited by the lack of connectivity and networking at all levels (both in technical and conceptual aspect). For this purpose a GeoInformatic “tool” was developed, using an open source software,which is a Content Management System in order to provide a dynamic web service to users, based on time and space diversified information and knowledge, through the development of an interactive e-platform for displaying digital thematic backgrounds that applies to agro-environmental data. Moreover, the networking and connectivity between the users of the online platform and the creation of an online agricultural Community for developing and managing agro-environmental issues is implemented.

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Charalampos Iordanidis

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