Ecological English

Ecological English

English for Life Sciences

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-09-27 )

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This textbook introduces learners to Ecological English, addressing students in faculties across the Natural and Life Sciences. It proposes topics related to nature, as well as language learning in an ecological manner and the ecology of communication. The topics are aimed at raising awareness of our responsibility regarding some essential life aspects that we are all co-participating in – from learning English or personal development skills to making food choices and caring for our larger home – which would hopefully be of interest to the students. Some of the key issues we discuss in class include: the chain effects of deforestation, the impact of our choices on the environment, ways of protecting nature, as well as ideas on developing ‘soft’ skills in line with ecological communication and holistic wellbeing. Above all, the importance of educating ourselves in order to acknowledge the interrelatedness of all the seemingly unrelated aspects of life cannot be stressed enough. In the hope that this approach may benefit the students in their life-long personal development process, we invite them on board for a joyful learning journey!

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Alina Andreea Dragoescu Urlica

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