Teaching English for Informatics

Teaching English for Informatics

Practical Book with Answers

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-01-14 )

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Nowadays, the English language is highly demanded particularly in Algeria. It is actually studied in all fields as a non essential but mandatory module. Students, specially EST learners are more interested in learning it and aware of its significance. However, the major problem encountered is that not all teachers are trained on how to effectively teach ESP. They are not ever familiar with the right methodology for ESP teaching. In fact, It requires both knowledge of the field being taught and the English language. Thus, present book endeavors to help EST teachers through their teaching. It includes lesson plans and stages of lesson presentations so as to help teachers manipulate their lesson time. It compromises some of modern informatics’ themes that has been discussed in conferences and seminars. The four skills are targeted so as to help students improve their English level. Also; it presents a set of practical exercises for both students and teachers. It is meant to help guiding students and teachers of EST, particularly in Algeria.

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Baghli Asmaa

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