The Great Archeological Discovery of the Century

The Great Archeological Discovery of the Century

Unearthed Knowledge of Taklimakanian Civilization

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-02-23 )

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The Book selected Dr. Dolkun Kamberi’s seven academic research theses. It is crystallization of Dr. Kamberi’s many years’ archeological field hard work and academic experience. Each thesis with its distinguished and excellent intellectual view which the author has obtained the firsthand materials from thorough personal archeological field work and study, research, analysis, decipherment, annotation, and translation of medieval Uyghur manuscripts and other archaeological evidence. It presents to intellectuals in social science and the humanities studies real information. It fills in gaps in archeological and historical data and interpretation about Central Asian civilization. It is important not only for understanding the medieval Uyghur cultural history, but also for research in the general cultural history of Central Asian, where it has the same crucial significance. The thesis examines and investigates the archeological and historical background of Uyghurs. It also interprets medieval Uyghur manuscript and related cultural phenomena in the medieval period, thus helping to improve scholars' understanding of the ancient and medieval Central Asian culture, language, literature.

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Dolkun Kamberi

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Cultural history