Detoxification of Pesticides Wastewater by Adsorption Technique

Detoxification of Pesticides Wastewater by Adsorption Technique

Feasibility of Agricultural Waste Utilization

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-01-29 )

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From bygone eras, a fierce war broke out between man, his techniques and knowledge on the one hand and the pests, their resistance and adaptation susceptibility, on the other hand. Sometimes the victory be for pests and sometimes man can conquer pests albeit temporarily. This war will remain continues as long as there are pests threatening human existence and its food and health, but the sole loser in this raging war is the environment. Man has the right to use of pesticides in different fields to avoid or to minimize the damage destructive pests, but not at the expense of environment and prejudice to its fundamental components notably water resources. The presence of pesticides in the environment generally and in water especially leads to severe damage to all organisms. This book highlights the damage due to pests and pesticides for both humans and the environment. It is offered a new economic and eco-friendly way to get rid of pesticides from water using cheap material which is rice husks and simple technique which is adsorption. This book provides also the necessary aid to all researchers in the environmental field and useful for environmental, chemical and civilian engineers.

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Thekra Atta Ibrahim
Mohammed Nsaif Abbas
Firas Saeed Abbas

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Building and environmental technology