Introduction of discrete and continuous random variable

Introduction of discrete and continuous random variable

Introduction and solved examples with visualization of discrete and continuous random variables

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-11-03 )

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In this book, by use of information technology, free software GeoGebra and existing definitions, random variable of discrete and continuous type will be visually introduced in a new way in addition to the traditional. In the beginning will review the definition of events and determine their probability. Then we will give emphasis on discrete random variable modeling probability situations with only two outcomes. The event can be repeated finite or infinite number of times. By analyses of examples we will go from Bernoulli, through binomial, to the geometric random variable, in which way we would be able to discover the similarities and differences of these variables. Continuous random variables with uniform, exponential and normal distribution will be visually represented in the end. We will see how graphics of random variables change depending on the values of their parameters.The various problems will be visually presented by an applet developed in GeoGebra, which is available on GeoGebra tube and help for easier visual representation of the problems, i.e. the areas of definition as well as for a set of positive events in order to come to a solution of the problems.

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Zoran Trifunov
Elena Karamazova
Tatjana Atanasova - Pacemska

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Theory of probability, stochastics, mathematical statistics