British English or American English

British English or American English

Which one will Bangladeshi learners embrace?

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-07-27 )

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This work aims to find out which version of English language will get preference to the Bangladeshi English Language learners. British English and American English are in hegemonic position for a long time and in the commonwealth countries like Bangladesh, British English remains as a model to learn English language. From the political and cultural point of view, British English acts as a ‘standard’ English in many countries especially in those countries which were colonies of British Empire. In Bangladesh, written English is dominated by British English but accent is controlled by American English superseding British English. After independence of Bangladesh in 1971, Bangladeshi education system built upon the structure of British system but American English has exerted through media (Algeo, 2010, p.183) and Bangladeshi learners are influenced by it as they are doting of American music and movies. From primary level of education, most of the Bangladeshi language learners start to learn British version of English language, so naturally preference goes to British version, however, to cope up with present world American English cannot be avoided.

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