A Sensorless Drive System of BLDC Motor

A Sensorless Drive System of BLDC Motor

Analysis,simulation and implementation of a new sensorless system for BLDC motors with the 120/180-degree commutations

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-07-06 )

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To drive the PMBLDC motor, for the conventional 120-degree commutation, the winding without phase current in each conduction interval can be considered as a sensor for back-emf detection. However, in the case of 180-degree commutation, the back-emf detection cannot be realized because all the three phases conduct current in each interval and no back-emf signals are available on stator terminals, which is the reason why the 180-degree sensorless commutation has not been considered so far. In this thesis, a novel 180-degree sensorless system for a PMBLDC motor is proposed. The position and speed information are estimated based on the back-emf signals, which are estimated from the simple sensing of the stator terminal voltage and phase current signals. Each phase of the conventional 120-degree rotates only 120 degrees with current to generate torque and waits for next excitation in the other 60 degrees without torque generated. However, each phase of the proposed 180-degree sensorless system conducts current for the entire electrical period, which produces more torque. The comparison between the 120-degree and the 180-degree sensorless system is also investigated.

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Boyang Hu
Yash Shrivastava
Swamidoss Sathiakumar

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