Here to With It..

Here to With It..

Experiences and Perceptions of Black British African Caribbean People about Nursing Careers

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2017-05-31 )

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African Caribbean people have been major supporters of the British National Health Service (NHS) From its inception in 1948. It is widely argued that it would have never survived without their support. They were invited to fill those unwanted gaps that were left by local people. However, the extent to which they were valued and appreciated while undertaking difficult, challenging NHS jobs has been questioned, with well documented reports of institutional racism,discrimination and lack of promotion to senior positions. The NHS continues to suffer from a chronc shortage of nurses and is still heavily reliant on migrants from Europe. This research text highlights the voices of British migrant children and young people, responding to diminishing numbers of Black nurses in the NHS. They tell their stories about their attempts to positively participate in present and future nursing careers despite a feeling of being actively discouraged from joining the profession. This is because of anecdotal assumptions, institutional racism in British education systems, the NHS, and recruitment, retention and attrition problems.This is a valuable resource for students, supervisors and practitioners.

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Naomi Anna Watson

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