Islamic Leadership in Kenya

Islamic Leadership in Kenya

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-01-29 )

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Muslims in the world face diverse challenges top among them disunity which cost Islam a lot socially,politically,spiritually and economically.In Kenya Muslim community has been around for more than 1000 years. Their population since then has expanded tremendously. Their needs have multiplied likewise. To address the needs SUPKEM was formed in 1973 to provide united leadership for Muslims in Kenya, represent them in negotiating with other organizations and governments. Despite establishing of SUPKEM as the umbrella body of Islamic leadership in Kenya, Muslims still have many needs which are not addressed. For instance, it has been generally observed that Muslims are disunited and divided and they continue doing so every year especially during the beginning and the end of Ramadan all over the world. Hence instead of having united efforts in matters beneficial to their progress they waste a lot of time debating on ideologies like moon sighting at that period. This is the perfect book to enlighten you on most of Islamic challenges.

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Hassan Kinyua Omari

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