Finite Volume Method For Hyperbolic Conservation Laws On Manifolds

Finite Volume Method For Hyperbolic Conservation Laws On Manifolds

Convergence Analysis and Error Estimation

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2017-03-27 )

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The purpose of this book is to lay out a mathematical framework for the convergence and error analysis of the finite volume method for the discretization of hyperbolic conservation laws on manifolds. Finite Volume Method (FVM) is a discretization approach for the numerical simulation of a wide variety physical processes described by conservation law systems. It is extensively employed in fluid mechanics, meteorology, heat and mass transfer, electromagnetic, models of biological processes and many other engineering applications formed by conservative systems. In this book, from one point of view, we provide a brief description for the convergence of the FVM by approaches based on metric and differential forms. The latter can be viewed as a generalization of the formulation and convergence of the method for general conservation laws on curved manifolds. On the other hand, we carried over the error estimate for FVM that is established for the Euclidean setting to the curved manifolds and obtained an expected rate of error in the L1-norm.

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Baver Okutmuştur

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