Chemical Amelioration of Expansive Soils

Chemical Amelioration of Expansive Soils

Chemical Amelioration

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-08-25 )

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Expansive soils are highly problematic because of their innate capacity to undergo volume expansion upon absorbing water. This monograph is an experimental work on chemical stabilization of expansive soils. Fine sand, lime and fly ash were the additives used in the experimentation. A highly swelling remoulded expansive clay powder passing 425 µm sieve was used in the experimentation. Free swell index (FSI), heave, swell potential (S%) and swelling pressure (ps) of the clay blended with the above reagents were determined. The test results indicated that FSI decreased with increase in lime content, fly ash content and fine sand content. FSI of lime-clay blends indicated that 4% lime was the optimum lime content. Hence, in another test series, 4% lime was added to sand-clay blends and fly-ash clay blends, and their FSI was determined. FSI further decreased with addition of 4% lime. On all the above blends, 1-D swell-consolidation tests were performed for the determination of heave, swell potential, swelling pressure, coefficient of compressibility, compression index, rebound and linear shrinkage. All these parameters were found to have decreased with increase in additive contents.

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B. R. Phanikumar
Sana Suri

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