Ways To Success

Ways To Success

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-07-03 )

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Success is an event; a process; a platform that accomplishes its intended purpose. Success entails accepting responsibility for failure! Success may equally means achieving goals. We all have them. Some of us pursue grand goals. Others are satisfied with goals that are modest. Whatever their scope, goals are aspirations that help us achieve a measurement of value and satisfaction. Success is not an end in itself, neither is it a destiny but what you do with it! This is a practical book for you who is ready to transform your life in terms of effectively engaging your brain to work for you. It includes quite a number of quotes from the Bible-Today’s English Version [TEV], New International Version [NIV], and inspirational writers come speakers, some of whom have managed to hit Americas Best Sellers book. My goal in writing this text is to help you achieve all that the brain can conceive in your life-time. The book covers the key strategies and skills necessary for achieving goals. Many other books also covers these concepts. However, this book goes beyond concepts by focusing on brain capabilities and actions necessary for success.

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