Noolthettam: An annotated bibliography of Sri Lankan Tamils

Noolthettam: An annotated bibliography of Sri Lankan Tamils

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-03-20 )

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Sri Lanka is an Island Nation located in the Indian Ocean Southeast of India. It is a Multi-ethnic,multi religious country with a diverse and rich culture. The Sinhalese are the predominant ethnic group consisting of about three quarters of the Population. Sinhala and Tamil are the official languages of the Country. Sri Lanka has a dark side too. for the last four decades, Sri Lanka has been a cauldron of political violence. The racial antagonism that surfaced between the Tamil and Sinhala nations since the Independence of the Island in 1948 has evolved into a fully fledged armed conflict. Despite the prevailing racial conflicts in the island both Sinhalese and Tamil scholars have engaged themselves in research and studies. The Major Universities in Sri Lanka continue to produce works of high standard in various subjects based on Scientific and systematic researches. Intellectuals and creative writers not within the academic institutions of the country also continue to publish works,each according to their skills and knowledge. This annotated bibliography contains some of the Publications written by the Sri Lankan Tamils in English Language.

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