Teaching English Language Semantics Using Object Orientation Technique

Teaching English Language Semantics Using Object Orientation Technique

Semantics Knowledge Representation for E-Learning

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-01-13 )

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This book is important for teachers of English as a foreign language; researchers interested in the field of English language teaching; those who research in the field of natural language processing and semantics; and those who are interested in advancing Object Orientation techniques. This book is the first of its kind to present a new approach of using the computer science Object Oriented techniques to develop a methodology for a new intelligent multi-lingual natural language processing technique which resulted in a system we call SEMANTIC ENGLISH. This book shows how simple English sentences and phrases can be generated or validated to be semantically and grammatically correct using Advanced Object Orientation techniques and shows how we can deduce and generate correct semantics. The book demonstrates how by developing enhancements to Object Orientation UML, we can represent and process semantic knowledge. The book will be of special interest to those wishing to advance the e-learning techniques for teaching English language and English language translation.

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Samia Yousif
Mansoor Al Aali

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Informatics, IT