Portuguese Kindergarten Teachers' conceptions about STS – a Case Study

Portuguese Kindergarten Teachers' conceptions about STS – a Case Study

Diverse notions on STS: a case-study

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-05-30 )

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This sturdy focuses on the characterization of the notions on Science – Technology – Society held by six kindergarten teachers. During our research we have used the VOSTS tool to collect the core data before and after the participation in an appropriate in-service teacher training. The in-service teacher training has allowed the kindergarten teachers to become more aware of their own notions and values of the inter-relation of science, technology and society. On one hand the results show that the ITT may have influenced the reshaping of STS notions by the kindergarten teachers involved in the study. On the other hand the results emphasize the need to invest in the permanent training of kindergarten teachers with the goal of increasing scientific literacy of population in general, and children in particular. As a result we must say that this study met its objectives and that the in-service teacher training showed positive results with regard to their conceptions of STS. This shows a strong, contribution to improve science education at the level of kindergarten.

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Maria José Rodrigues
Rui Marques Vieira

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Schoolpedagogy, didactics, methodology