The Distinctiveness of John Paul II’s Ethics of War and Peace

The Distinctiveness of John Paul II’s Ethics of War and Peace

Catholic Social Teaching on Just War Theory

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-03-01 )

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This book explores John Paul II’s distinctive contribution to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on the ethics of war and peace, with particular attention to his interpretation and application of the norms of the just war tradition. Catholic Social Thought on war and peace is presented in the chronological order and systematized into four categories of jus bellum justum: jus ad bellum, jus in bello, jus ad bellum/in bello, and jus post bellum. Such material was analyzed in the historical context – hermeneutically interpreted – from the perspective of the contribution of each pope and the Second Vatican Council. The growing awareness of the interdependence among people and a concern for solidarity are new signs of peace. Humanitarian intervention and forgiveness are the first two new examples of the social-political virtue of solidarity given by John Paul II. The book contributes to the process of deepening of the understanding of John Paul II’s social thought in the perspective of Catholic Social Teaching.

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Political theory and the history of ideas