Creating models of queueing systems using GPSS World

Creating models of queueing systems using GPSS World

Programs, detailed explanations and analysis of results

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-07-28 )

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The main advantage of simulation over analytical modeling is universality in the sense of the possibility of studying any complex queueing systems, taking into account such factors and conditions that are difficult or impossible to consider by analytical modeling. GPSS World is the General Purpose Simulation System for creating simulation models designed for use in Windows environments. Each person is inclined to perceive information differently. Most people are easier to learn new things on concrete examples. The proposed book is constructed as a collection of programs for the GPSS World environment, containing the author’s models of various queuing systems. Each model is accompanied by detailed step by step explanations. Considerable attention is paid to the creation of models of systems and certain aspects of modeling, insufficient lighting in the literature: systems with threshold strategies of functioning, with batch arrivals, with a separate queue for each channel, retrial systems, closed systems, determination of employment characteristics of separate channels and an entire system. The book is intended for researchers and students engaged in simulation of queueing systems.

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Yuriy Zhernovyi

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Theory of probability, stochastics, mathematical statistics