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Economics and Management of Cooperatives Organizations

Sigismundo Bialoskorski Neto - ISBN: 978-3-659-94372-0

Learner Profile

A Tool for the Systematisation of Errors

Cristina Puente Tavera, Ramiro Duran Martínez - ISBN: 978-3-659-97465-6

Фундаментальные концепты христианства в произведениях Г. Берлиоза

"Осуждение Фауста". "Детство Христа"

Валентина Владимировна Азарова - ISBN: 978-3-659-97593-6

Decentralization for Transformation in Eastern Africa

Interrogating Power Diffusion Processes

Patrick Kasyula, Julius Muia, Elizabeth Kimulu - ISBN: 978-3-659-97406-9

Critical success factors (CSFs) for IT Governance (ITG)

Exploratory study to confirm the CSFs of ITG in Saudi Arabia

Zyad Alreemy - ISBN: 978-3-659-92431-6